Set of 5 Emergency Sub Plans

I have added a new package to my store!
This pack consists of 5 Emergency Sub Plans for Secondary Science (Grades 6-11). I designed these after I had kids. Ya know those days when you’ve barely pulled out the daycare’s driveway and you get that phone call that your son/daughter just threw up? Or when you wake up in the middle of the night with the stomach bug? Or- we’ve all been there when something comes up as we’re just getting settled into homeroom and now we have to stop everything we’re doing and somehow skip out the door in 10 minutes?

The topics included are: cancer, facebook bibliographies, nutrition facts, video games, and sports injuries. Each activity is common core aligned and for most activities there is some graphing required.










No more writing sub plans, no more scrambling, no more stress. Just print these out, keep them in a designated folder, and you’re good to go! Some bonus material included.