I have been busy exploring the world of social networking. Well, I’ve had facebook for the past…. wait, what? No- how can this be? Can it really have been 8 years? Wow, time flies. So, needless to say I am familiar with that. But now Biology Roots has its very own facebook page, too!

Also, pinterest. If you are not on pinterest you are missing out. I use it for everything. I want to figure out what do for my daughter’s birthday? Pinterest.  Halloween costumes? Pinterest. Crafts for my children? Pinterest. How do repurpose that old drop-side crib? Pinterest. New delicious recipes? Pinterest. How to decorate my room? Pinterest. But now pinterest can also be used to look outside the home and personal life and expand on your career.

Pinterest is being used to display new ideas for the classroom, too! From craftivities (for the little people), to labs (for the big people), to ways to decorate your classroom!