Emergency Sub Plans for Science

Who can use a sick day to its fullest potential? Honestly? How can you spend all day trying to feel better when you are up at the crack of dawn hemming and hawing whether or not you should suck it up and go in and not feel guilty, or stay home and come up with some crappy exercise you whipped up that morning? And really who wants to spend more time being sick and whipping up crap? Uhhh…

teaching meme


After my second child was born I told myself “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” There will be no more guilty sick days! I wrote a few reading exercises and added some “busy work” that was actually meaningful. I made sure that there would be no emails, phone calls, hassles during the day and I could take care of myself or my sick children by creating sub plans that were easy to use, no questions asked.

Since these “Emergency Sub Plans for Secondary Science” made their debut in 2012, I’ve had some pretty good feedback and went ahead and made a “Sub Plans for Secondary Science: Volume II“. These are a bit more reading-specific but still based on the same principles as my original set of sub plans: meaningful and easy to use! Slide1Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.04.10 PM


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