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For this month I’ve teamed up with Darlene from ELA Buffet and Pamela from Desktop Learning Adventures, along with a whole smorgasbord of secondary teachers to bring you October’s Blog Hop: Treats for Teachers.

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For this treat I’ve chosen an appropriately timed activity called Your Class DNA Frankenstein. What is the DNA class frankenstein? It is a collaborative learning effort to help students tie DNA into phenotypes. This Halloween-themed activity can be done at any point during the year, and the students have so much fun!

DNA Frankenstein Facebook

I originally created it so that students could tie in the structure of DNA with the function of DNA. Every year, I have my students create a DNA Paper Model Puzzle, which really helps them understand the structure of DNA (especially the antiparallel configuration). But one year, I thought: What if I could make it so that the students created DNA that was unique? The idea took off, and the DNA Frankenstein was born.

You can certainly do this activity without the use of paper models, but you will need a large paper roll, at least 2 feet in width (I recommend Borden & Riley 90 lb Acid Free Drawing Paper Roll 30 inch x 10 yards).

The idea is that each student is assigned a gene or trait to contribute to the class Frankenstein. Examples include height, eyebrow thickness, skin color, etc. It is a hodge podge of class traits, which the student trace or draw onto the paper roll.

DNA Class Frankenstein

I have had so many compliments from other teachers and admin alike; it’s a forever freebie in my TpT Store.

Stay Science Class,

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