High quality biology resources designed for student comprehension. 

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Planned and polished biology curriculum at your fingertips.

Biology Roots offers high quality biology resources that are carefully crafted for student comprehension. From one passionate biology teacher to another, you'll be able to access thousands of resources.  The resources include a variety of activities including labs, interactive notebooks, exhibition stations, meaningful substitute lesson plans, close reading articles, coloring pages with handmade graphics, vividly designed review guides,  plus more! 


Wow! I have been teaching for a number of years and this is an incredible resource. I will use all of the units to supplement what I currently use in my classroom. Thank you for so many creative and innovative ideas. I plan on using many of the worksheets for bellringers and exit activities. Thank you! - Anonymous 

I loved the first unit so much, I purchased the Year's Bundle! Peace of mind & extra time to enjoy my home life / sleep is worth any price. Thanks, Biology Roots! My kids love it. I love it. My administrators have been impressed during multiple observations. Life is good. - Katherine R. 

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