The 2014 Meet and Teach e-Books are here!

A NEW e-Book is available for secondary classrooms! This is a “Meet and Teach” e-book that is unique because each seller contributes two pages: one MEET page, and a TEACH page: a one-page freebie that can be printed and used in your classroom instantly. Mine can be found here:

Biology RootsMeet and Teach
Primary Succession Timeline Cut and Paste

The timeliEcology INBne is a sample from my Ecology Activities for Interactive Notebooks, which you can check out over there ->


Meet and Teach STEM


A big thanks to Brain Waves InstructionLiterary Sherri, and Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy, the compilers of the 3 FREE Meet and Teach e-books profiling SECONDARY teacher-authors and sharing print-and-teach resources from 25 TpT stores in each e-book.  The e-books center around ELA, Math & Science, and Humanities (Social Studies, Art, Foreign Language, and more ELA).

  In them you’ll find a ‘meet’ page completed by each seller that includes responses to 5 prompts.  You’ll get to learn a bit about each seller like their favorite book or things that make them happy.  Then, each seller provided you with a 1-page resource that you can use in your classroom today! These e-books are filled with awesome teachers, little insights into each sellers’ life, and resources that are easy to implement in your classroom.  They’re pretty amazing. Meet and Teach Humanities

Meet and Teach ELA Download each free e-book and you’ll get a chance to meet and teach resources from these teacher-authors: Check out all the teacher-authors that have contributed and be sure to download the e-Books for up to 25 free resources!

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