Tips for Makeup Labs

I don’t know about you, but I love labs- until the next morning when I realize that I have 10 students who were absent for lab day. Though I wouldn’t say that I love doing lab makeups, I no longer dread them after implementing some simple techniques.


I’ve compiled some tips to help ensure that lab makeups go as smoothly as possible- and so that you aren’t tempted to do a “fermentation” lab on the side- wink, wink.

Tips for lab makeups (and your sanity):
1. Do not put all lab materials away for at least another 2 weeks after the lab is performed in class. Keep the lab materials tidy, but easily accessible.

2. A policy in which students can drop their lowest lab grade gives them the option not to makeup the lab, and they can drop the zero should there be any rescheduling conflicts.

3. Have lab makeups on one designated day of the week so that all students who need a lab makeup come at the same time- one and DONE!

4. If the lab is simplistic in nature, you can opt to have them do an alternative version of the makeup online.

5. Ask that the student bring along a friend to the lab makeup who has already completed the lab in class so that they can help out.

6. Students who need extra help after school should not come on the same day as the students who are after school for the lab makeup. The lab makeup should be your main focus.

Lastly… one further piece of advice for time-sensitive labs: lab makeups need not be offered once the students have been tested on the subject. This is a good one to tie into #2 should you choose to adopt this policy. 

Use these tips to help save your sanity- and your time!
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